highspeedsurfer (english)

Internet surfing with fast-ethernet speed in the student dormitories of some private dormitories and in some buildings of VBW and Ruhr-Lippe. The internet connection is provided by the Ruhr-University.

More information about how to setup the internet connection, network socket lock and technical problems can be found on the Support page. Connecting the computer with the data socket correctly and the right configuration of the connected devices are at the responsibility of the user.

For diagnosis and unlocking the network socket a hotline is available 24×7 at phone number 0228 ⁄ 30412712 (telephone computer). Mondays and thursdays between 13 and 14h the support team is available for answering additional questions at the hotline. Additionally the support office of „Haus Michael auf Draht e.V. (MaD)“ helps with questions or problems with the network mondays and thursdays between 20 and 21h.

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