Violating the network policy

The network port is blocked because of violating the network policy. Mainly the reason is a static IP address configured on the network interface card. All connected devices have to obtain an IP address automatically. Otherwise the network port is blocked.

Wifi router

Wifi routers (connected through the WAN socket) must obtain an IP address as an DHCP client from the DHCP server. For more information visit the wifi router tutorial.

Windows computer

If the standby or sleep modus is enabled and the computer was not shutdown completely maybe the old IP address is used again after wake up. This is an implementation fault of the TCP/IP stack. Don't use the standby or sleep mode or disconnect the network cable before sending the computer to sleep or shutdown. After rebooting or wake up from sleep mode reconnect the network cable.
In a few cases virus/trojan infection is the lock reason. Check your computer with an anti virus software but in most cases the computer must be completely formatted and reinstalled.

Apple products

Using Apple Mac, Apple Airport Express or Timecapsule the Bonjour Sleep Proxy has to be disabled. Do not use Airport Express or Timecapsule on the network socket.

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