Generic remarks about routers

If you would like to use a router within the highspeedsurfer net the device must support the DHCP client protocol on WAN port. Be sure the UPNP service is disabled and a DHCP server is not connected through LAN ports to our network socket. Use the WAN/Internet port to connect to the network socket on the wall.
If the router is connected or configured wrong the network socket will be locked to protect the other users.

Standard router from TP-Link (suggested)

The routers of company TP-Link:

  • TP-Linker Archer C9 AC1900 (139€) - Amazon
  • TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 (100€) - Amazon
  • TP-Link Archer C2 AC750 (55€) - Amazon
  • TP-Link Archer C20i AC750 (33€) - Amazon - max. 100 MBit/s
  • TP-Link WR841N (19€) - Amazon - cheap, but not recommended

are the best solution to use a router within the highspeedsurfer Netz.

A description how to setup a router can be found at:

Important notice for using a wifi router

If you use a wifi router, read the following information to reduce the risk of network socket lock or malfunction.


If you only want to use Wifi to connect your computer wirelessly, you need a Wifi access point that connects to the network. You should always protect the Wifi network with a password. You could also use a Wifi-Router. In this case you should always disable the DHCP server of the router and connect the LAN port to the network. Improper configuration of the router may result in a network socket lock.

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