E-Mail Support

The email address of the network support team is admin@highspeedsurfer.de .

If you send a mail concerning a problem with the internet connection, you should always at least include the following information, so that we can help fast and efficiently:

  • full name of the user
  • address (street, building number and city)
  • name of the building part (if multiple are present)
  • floor number
  • room number
  • for flat-sharing communities: location of the room within the flat (ex.: second room clock-wise starting from the left)
  • number noted on the network socket (if present)
  • user name of internet connection (user name of highspeedsurfer net account) (if known)
  • exact time of network problem (full date, full time (if possible including seconds) (ex: 03/28/2011 at 18:37:23)
  • detailed error description with full error message, if possible including screenshots
  • Important: Include the network configuration (see below)

Send network configuration

The output must be created, when the computer is connected to the network socket and the problem is existent. If you create the output, when the computer is connected to another internet connection, this does not help to diagnose the problem concerning your connection.

Use one of the following tutorials:

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