Network security

Computers may be infected with malware (virus, trojans). In addition using a firewall and antivirus software, you should consider security principles to minimize the risk that your own computer will get infected or that data is stolen or destroyed.

To protect other users, we will shutdown network sockets of users, whose computers are infected. You can find additional information at Network socket lock.

The following security principles should be obeyed by everyone:

  • Usage of a computer firewall. In Windows you can use the firewall of the operating system.
  • Usage of an antivirus software with up to date virus signatures.
  • Regular updates of operating system and security relevant software (like Browser and Browser Plugins)
  • general distrust to potentially faked emails, websites, etc.. Especially distrust mails from banks, other emails (also from friends) with attached files, links from emails
  • Regular backups of important data on external storage (external Harddisks, USB sticks, DVDs or CDs)
  • no open sharing of files, especially not with write permissions.

The highspeedsurfer net is protected by a basic firewall.

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