Technical support / Hotline

The fulfilment of the provider ends at the data port in your room. Hooked up devices, the connecting cable from the network socket to the device and installed software on the device is always at the responsibility of the user.

The setup of the internet connection is described at Internet connection setup in detail.

Email support

Additional questions can be answered by email. To help efficiently, please send us complete details about the location of your room / network socket. The information which should be sent in a help request is specified at Contact network administrator.

Calling the Hotline

If the network socket does not work anymore (you cannot connect to this website), in most cases the reason is a lock of your network socket. Call the hotline to diagnose your network socket. You get the information if and why the network socket is locked. Please make sure that the cause for the lock is resolved prior unlocking your socket. Possible reasons for locks are given on the page Support-Socket locks. The phone number of the hotline is 0228 ⁄ 30412712. It is available 24/7.

The support team is available on mondays and thursdays between 13 and 14h by calling the same phone number.

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