rub@home contract

Students and members of the university (or connected members of eduroam) can use highspeedsurfer to get internet access through the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Contract Available at Basic Charge Traffic accounting
rub@home VBW/Ruhr-Lippe 15,00 EUR/Month via Ruhr-University (LoginID)

rub@home is not available in dormitories. In dormitories only a valid LoginID is needed for internet access through Ruhr-University.

The rub@home contract is available on request at

Tele Columbus Multimedia GmbH
Verträge highspeedsurfer Bochum
Bahnstraße 50
40699 Erkrath

Students in dormitories don't need rub@home. The network access to highspeedsurfer is included within the monthly rent.

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