UPNP Server Windows 7

Disable Universal-Plug-and-Play under Windows 7:

Click on Start and Settings

Abb. 1

In the settings window enter Services in the search window and select Services (local).

Abb. 2

Search for UPNP-Device host, and right-click and select Properties

Abb. 3

If State is Started, please click Stop. Set Startup type to disable and click on Apply and OK

Abb. 4

Now search for SSDP Discovery, select it and then right click Properties

Abb. 5

Also set the SSDP Discovery to Stopped if it is running, then click Startup type and set it to disable and click Apply and then OK

Abb. 6

Close all windows and reboot your pc.

Abb. 7

Now you have to unlock the network socket.

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