In rare cases it might happen, that the network socket is broken. In such a case a failure on single network sockets can be reported by sending a failure report form. The following things should be considered first:

  • first of all a diagnosis using the automatic diagnosis system should be executed, to check if the network socket is locked. If a lock is present, the network socket can be enabled using the telephone computer. A list of possible reasons for a lock can be found under Network socket locks.
  • the attached data cable should be a cable of category type 5e or better (see text on the cable)
  • if it is possible, try to connect a computer which has network connectivity of a neighbour or friend in your dormitory to your own network socket, to check if it works with this computer. Also try the proofed working cable of your neighbour on your network socket, to check whether your cable might be broken.
  • you might also check, if your computer works at another network socket (neighbour in your dormitory). If the computer does not work at another socket too, it is most likely that there is a problem with your computer or the cable.

If a problem of the device can be ruled out due to the checklist above, you can send in a completely filled out Failure report to the given fax number on the failure report. The office in your building can also send the fax for you. A technician will contact you by telephone, to first of all check your network socket by a remote diagnosis and will then make an appointment.

Please be reminded: The network service of the provider ends at the network socket in your room. Failure reports that are sent in for a working network socket (for example due to a broken connected computer or wrong settings) will be charged according to time and effort.

Before sending the fax read My internet connection does not work (anymore). What can I do?

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