Setup Internet

Guide to setup internet connection

1. Connect to the network

First of all connect your computer to the network socket in your room to have a connection to the local network. The attached data cable should be a cable of category type 5e or better. Now you open up the website with your web browser. If you can open the website, you can proceed with step 2. If the website does not open up, please read the page Network settings check.

2. Lock-and-Key Ruhr University

Every time before using the internet connection (in dormitories or via rub@home) there must be a login on the Lock-and-Key Website with your LoginID and password.

For support concerning the Lock-and-Key website please contact the Ruhr University Rechenzentrum.

Login with the LoginID and the chosen password. For more information concerning the Lock-and-Key visit the website from Rechenzentrum.

Other universities and guests (eduroam)

Students not having a LoginID can use eduroam if the university is member of eduroam. Your login name is for example „username@domainname“. Replace domainname with the domain of your university. Often „username@domainname“ is your email-address. For login use the password from your university. If you have problems or questions concerning your username contact your university.
You can use your eduroam account to login via the Lock-and-Key website (see above) to get internet access.

Wifi Router

Before using a wifi router connected to the network, read the tutorial and information about using a wifi router.

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